We’ve done plenty of mixes and podcasts for various friends (and just for fun!) over the years, sit back and have a listen!


Dig Vinyl: Nightdubbing (November '20) 

Carl & Tim as Nightdubbing step up to deliver another eclectic set with an electronic twinge - one for the Sunday afternoon groovers!


Elliot Hutchinson's Farewell Jamaica Street Show (October '20) 

Elliot Hutchinson, host of the first ever show to be broadcast on the MDR airwaves, is back to pay his respects to the Jamaica Street stoooodio, bringing with him a fantastic collection of weird and wonderful sounds for us all to enjoy! 



Artist Focus: Damon Albarn with Yvonne and Alex (October '20)

With a career spanning over 30 years, genre hopping from britpop to hip hop, dub to synth, and most stops between, Damon Albarn is what Alex fondly describes as a British "National Treasure". In this Artist Focus episode, Alex teams up with Yvonne to explore the many eras of Albarn's music, his influences, collaborators, and even the mythology behind his cartoon band.



Dig Vinyl: The Mid Afternoon Junction with Nightdubbing (September '20)

Carl & Tim as Nightdubbing break from their usual genre busting thang - instead getting back to their roots, delivering a DJ set comparable to their Sunday night ambient dub sessions from the mid 90s. This happened by happy accident and it became apparent during the recording that they'd hit upon something that required less chatter and more platter. So, fewer words of wisdom than usual and less genre hopping - although they still manage to take you from The Police (yes - Sting & co) to Children of the Bong in 11 steps! 


Dig Vinyl with Yvonne & Elliot Hutchinson (August '20)

Elliot and Yvonne meet up for a special lockdown inspired show, "Living Room Relics." The product of having spent many weeks in their living rooms crate diggingthrough their own collections, in this episode the duo rediscover lost favourites, are inspired by films enjoyed during isolation, and find comfort in some classics. From jazz to surf, hiphop to krautrock, and much, much more, join Dig Vinyl, direct on Melodic Distraction, from their living room to yours.


The Oyé Vibe with Elliot Hutchinson (August '20)

Recorded at Africa Oyé 2019, this mix is part of a series of DJ recorded from the Trenchtown and Freetown stages, where the sounds of Afro-centric music are pumped out, keeping the groove riding high in Sefton Park. This week's edition comes courtesy of Elliot Hutchinson. Crate n’ counter guru at Liverpool’s Dig Vinyl Records & king of the cover version, Elliot has brought weird, wonderful & worldly 45s to the younger ear for over a decade. 


Dig Vinyl: American Dream with Yvonne (April '20)

Yvonne takes over the decks from her Liverpool home, reminiscing on music from her childhood and the other place she’s called home, America. We may not be able to physically travel anywhere right now, but as ever music is one of the best remedies for the homesick. Tune in for a nice and uplifting blend of folk rock, americana, southern and psych rock for your listening pleasure. 


Dig Vinyl: Smooth Sailin' with Elliot & Yvonne (March '20)

Elliot and Yvonne invite you to ride along with them for Smooth Sailin' - a show idea which originated on their recent record shop digging road-trip, and was inspired by their mutual appreciation of yacht rock and the smooth tunes of FM radio. Hop in and enjoy the ride! 


Dig Vinyl with Yvonne & Matthew Thomas Smith (January '20): New York, I Love You

Yvonne invites special guest, local poet Matthew Thomas Smith (Jarg, Psycho Comedy) down to the studio for a journey to a place close to both their hearts: New York City. Just over 3,000 miles away but ever present in the minds of Scouse poets, musicians and artists, it’s easy to get lost in NYC even from across the pond. Matthew and Yvonne wander through the 70s & 80s post-punk and new-wave scene, with a few necessary poetic & political pit stops along the way. First we take Manhattan….


Dig Vinyl with Yvonne & Carl (November '19)

Dig’s very own father-daughter duo, Carl & Yvonne, take to the studio for their first ever show together. From acid jazz to rave, disco to trip-hop, they’re keeping it in the electronic family this month. Where do their tastes meet and where do they agree to disagree? Tune in to find out…


Elliot, BBC 6 Music Festival Special: Warm Up Mix

In the run up to Elliot’s appearance at this year’s BBC6 Music Festival in Liverpool, he’s recorded a taster mix of some of his most recent digs, including Brazilian, Latin, Bollywood, Thai-groove and straight up funk.. with added Beatles-ness, for good measure! 100% vinyl.